Quickfire Olympics

Fun Olympic themed tablet-based team challenges.

20 minutes - 2 hours
Indoors and Outdoors
Competitive / Collaborative
8 - Unlimited


The Quickfire Olympics start with the traditional cauldron lightning by torch. Each team starts with a tablet, a box of equipment and some Greek game currency. Their aim is to invest strategically and complete as many challenges within a given time frame. The mental, creative and physical 'Olympic' challenges are in varied difficulty levels and forms - photo, video, single answer, multiple-choice, logic puzzles and more! Teams' The athletes' select the challenges they think they can complete successfully being mindful that each has a cost and reward. But no challenge is too demanding for the top athletes. As time elapses, the pace and risk-taking build, creating an inclusive atmosphere full of fun, laughter and urgency. The winning team is crowned the victor on the podium with Olympic medals. The Quickfire App and activity content can be fully customised to reflect your brand and values.

Learning Outcomes

With limited time, individuals must throw away inhibitions and have confidence in their strengths. As time progresses, the team realises the strengths of each athlete, build trust and confidently take on increasing risk for reward. Pair and group challenges require innovative thinking, practical communication skills and collective shared strategy culminating in swift uninhibited action, resembled by the five Olympic rings. Quickfire is a lot of laughs! It leaves teams with a feeling of exhilaration, sportsmanship and oneness! And, most importantly, individuals have learnt to appreciate their strengths and the diverse skills of others in their team.

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